•Katherine Whyte, soprano, Metropolitan Opera, Hong Kong Opera.     

"I already had international management but COSI gave me the skills and confidence to step into a leading role. It prepared me for my first major professional engagement in a leading role at the English National Opera in London. I am grateful to COSI for helping me with my career at that important juncture.” katherinewhyte.com

•Charles Sy, tenor, Opernstudio, Staatsoper Stuttgart. I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to not only attend COSI twice, but also at two very different stages of my career. The first time was in the early stages of my undergraduate degree and the second time was six years later, while I was working professionally as a young artist at the Canadian Opera Company. 

The unifying factor of both of my experiences was that the faculty is some of the best of the best in the opera world. It was a luxury to work with them during my formative development in my earlier years of singing, but also incredibly enriching as a young emerging artist. There is such a great sense of community at COSI, both from the opera-loving community of Sulmona and the program itself, that encourages a great level of vocal development as well as artistic exploration. 

To this day, I am continuing to learn and thrive based off of my experiences at COSI, and I am incredibly grateful for the time I spent there. charles.sy.com

•Claire de Sévigné, soprano, Zurich Opera, Geneva Opera.  "COSI was one of the best summer training programs I ever went to.  The coaches and teachers helped develop my vocal technique immensely and what I learned in stage craft still continues to serve me as a professional singer on stages around the world today. The program ultimately launched me into the beginning of my career and provided me with many professional opportunities that I would otherwise not have been exposed to. COSI was a huge turning point for me in my development and I would recommend the program to any young singer wanting to develop as an artist and professional in the world of opera." clairedesevigne.com

•Kimberley-Ann Bartczak, Resident Conductor & Repetiteur, Calgary Opera.

"I will never forget the summer I spent at COSI.  The music opportunities were fruitful, and the friendships everlasting.  Learning the language and culture first-hand, whilst being surrounded by knowledgeable staff,  the overall experience was integral to my development.  To this day, I still use tools that I learned at COSI, and would highly recommend it to pianists and young conductors alike."

Kimberly-Ann Bartczak

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•Betty Waynne Allison  soprano: “COSI offered me invaluable experiences when I needed them the most. The two summers I spent in Sulmona with Darryl Edwards and his team not only offered me amazing educational and performance opportunities, but they also solidified life-long mentors, professional relationships and friends that are a part of my life today. Thank you!” bettywaynneallison.com


Iain MacNeil, baritone, Frankfurt Opera.  "I had plenty of opportunities to learn and grow as an artist here at COSI and beyond. I also acquired countless tools thanks to COSI that will no doubt propel me forward. Similar to my first COSI experience, but with greater relevance, opera has become more real to me than ever before. Once again I can’t thank you enough for the hard work, dedication and love that fuels this incredible program.”  iainmacneil.com

•Zoë Vallée, COSI 2019. 

"I don’t think I’ve ever been so sad to go home in my whole life.

What an experience.

Totally unforgettable."